From Botticelli to Nelli

nina botticelli

Huddled under the replicated statue of David in front of the Palazzo Vecchio, I waited with my History of Art class for our professor to retrieve our tickets to the Galleria degli Uffizi. The excitement was palpable. Although it was far from being my first time at the Uffizi, there is always something exciting about…

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Tabernacolo delle Fonticine

fountain nina

Take a left from the LdM offices on Via Faenza until you reach Via Nazionale and on your right you will find the beautiful Tabernacolo delle Fonticine, a seemingly odd edifice of polished glass and ceramic glazes amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. However, the fountain wasn’t always in such great condition….

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An Audio-Visual Trip

nina bill viola

A couple of cobble-stoned steps away from the arch overlooking Piazza della Republica and you’re faced with Palazzo Strozzi: a magnificent stone edifice nestled between the polished glass of designer shops and the art deco Cinema Odeon. Constructed in the late 1400s by the Strozzi family to rival the prominence of the Medici, Palazzo Strozzi…

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When Art and Politics Collide


G. Cunsolo discussing the meaning behind his 2016 installation series “Study of a Watchguard” On Monday, November 7, a small gathering of artists and students was held in a tiny room tucked away upstairs in Palazzo Strozzi. This gathering was the second of a short series of artists’ talks directed at an elite group of…

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Masaccio M.I.A. (part II)

by Ariana Cammllarie For nearly 300 years visitors to Santa Maria Novella walked through the splendid nave of the basilica while Masaccio’s masterpiece was still hidden just beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered. The fresco’s wish to be found was finally granted during a restoration the basilica underwent in the 19th century. As restorers…

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Masaccio M.I.A. (part I)

by Ariana Cammllarie The year is 1413. Filippo Brunelleschi has just rediscovered the science behind linear perspective and changed the world of architecture. Although many people are influenced by his discovery, one progressive painter takes this technique to an entirely different level out of sheer curiosity. What results from this is completely unexpected. So who…

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