The LdM Opened their First Gallery and had their First Exhibition, ANIMAE.


*Cover photo by Simone Stanislai

By Ana Sofia Valdez

Florence is a city that is well known for its historical and cultural patrimony as well as its beauty. It is the city that always catches and holds the sun: its orange brick mirrors the setting sun perfectly as the shades of ocher move from surface to surface, drawing you into notice how such beautiful palettes can exist inside a city. But despite the obvious fact of Florence as an enormous keeper of cultural heritage, and a tremendous tourist center, we need to recognize the beauty of the city as a place where thousands of Art History, Art, Design and Music students meet.

Gallery Director Federico Gori photo by Simone Stanislai

Since the beginning of the foundation of LdM in 1973, the institution has served the development of the artistic and professional skills that its students need in their respective fields. This is why Instituto Lorenzo de Medici is proud to have had the opening of the first gallery of the school with the photography exhibition of ANIMAE. It was indispensable to have opened this interdisciplinary dialogue and to have started this mission of emphasizing the cultural and diverse richness of the international and local students that the institution proudly haves.
That’s how the LdM Gallery project was born. It is a space that focuses on encouraging dialogue between students with the public and the community of Florence. It is also intended to foster professional opportunities for the students to gain experience and recognition.

Artist Susi Rossini photo by Simone Stanislai

It was on Wednesday, October 10th that the Gallery had the pleasure to open its first exhibition, ANIMAE, where it was a series of photographs that question modern-day religion with the meaning of spirituality from the artists’ personal points of view. The exhibition featured contributions of students as well as artists such as Camila Mecagni (Marist-LdM), Susini Rossini, and Natalia Thedford.
The exposition was curated by Gianluca Maver, the supervisor of the Department of Photography with the help of the gallery coordinator Federico Gori, who is an acclaimed artist and part of the institution’s Department of Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media.

Students viewing the Animae exhibition. Photo by Simone Stanslai

It embodied abstract expressions of light and space as well as an exploration of the strong atmosphere of the religious daily objects and their relationship with their context. It was an interesting exposition from the technical and conceptual point of view, not to mention from a curatorial standpoint.
The opening was a success and a great start for the project. People were excited to see the new space and students were excited to see a new chance coming. In a lively ambiance, visitors were able to enjoy the exhibition with big smiles on their faces and gallery-offered aperitivo as well. It was a very important night for the team that made this possible, the artists that were exhibited, and the external public that was able to get a taste of the talent that LdM students have. It’s exciting to think that this a just the beginning of a big project that will certainly grow and mature with time.



Ana Sofia Valdez studies Visual Arts in the University of Monterrey, in Monterrey, México. She started since a very young age to develop a strong interest in the creative field, specifically in painting where she has had been exhibited in the Nave Generadores of Monterrey, as well in the Gallery of Tadao Ando’s building of her home University, Centro Roberto Garza Sada. Valdez has also worked inside the Art Market too with the Gallery of Emma Molina, developing a great sense of notion between the two fields: the creative one and the Art Management and Investigative part of the Art World. Sofia has been very excited to have had the opportunity of working with the blog of Art and Restoration while she was taking a class of Restoration here in Florence, where she has also worked with real frescos of the 17th century. Sofía pursues to work a little time inside the Art Market first and get another degree related to Design or Art after she graduates from the University.